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Aluminum Machining Industry

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    8 апреля 2022 г., 9:58:38 MSK

    Although the aluminum machining industry has developed well in recent years, there are still many problems. Let’s learn about the problems faced by the aluminum machining industry.

    1. Imperfect waste aluminum recycling system

    The way and technology of waste aluminum recycling are backward. The scale of recycled aluminum enterprises is small and the output is low, accounting for less than 20% of the output of primary aluminum, while more than 40% in industrial developed countries, which has embarked on the track of circular economy development.

    2. The technical equipment level of aluminum castings is not high

    The scale of aluminum casting production enterprises is small, the production and operation are scattered, the production technology is not advanced, the varieties are few, and a complete cast aluminum alloy system and heat treatment state system have not been formed. High quality aluminum die castings and cnc machining parts still can not meet the needs of the rapid development of automobile industry and national economy.

    3. Low concentration of aluminum machining industry

    Although there are a large number of aluminum machining enterprises, the production concentration is low, the scale is small, there are many low-level repeated construction, and the operation is scattered. Except for several large enterprises such as Chinalco, a high-level modern large-scale aluminum group has not been formed. After more than ten years of macro-control and fierce market competition, China’s aluminum cnc machining enterprises have decreased from more than 2000 in the 1990s to about 1400 at present (including more than 780 aluminum extrusion plants and more than 650 aluminum plate, strip and foil plants), but the large and medium-sized enterprises are less than 20%, while the backward small enterprises account for more than 80%. The average production capacity of national aluminum cnc machining enterprises is only about 2.5 tons / year (the largest southwest aluminum is 800000 tons / year), The average production capacity of aluminum machining enterprises in industrial developed countries is more than 100000 tons / year, and the largest production capacity is 1.7 million tons / year.

    4. The product variety is few and the quality is not high

    China’s deformed aluminum and aluminum alloys have not yet formed a complete independent system, with a small number of alloys and states, and high-quality and special-purpose product varieties, such as high-performance large-scale pre stretched plates, special sheets for can making, high-grade CTP plate base and high-grade decorative plates, mirror panels, aircraft skin plates, high-voltage capacitor foils, aluminum plates for automobile bodies, large-scale special profiles, large-scale precision die forgings and high-grade forged wheels, pistons, etc., cannot be produced in large quantities; The general medium and low-grade products are overproduced, while the high-grade products with high scientific and technological content and high added value are in short supply, which can not meet the high-speed and sustainable development of national defense modernization and national economy, and need to spend a lot of foreign exchange imports.

    5. Weak ability of scientific and technological innovation and independent development

    The comprehensive technical level is low, and the ability of basic research, scientific and technological innovation and independent development is weak. The overall level and technical transformation ability of aluminum milling service preparation technology and process equipment are low, the comprehensive technical and economic indicators are not high, the production efficiency is low, the cost is high, and the economic benefit is not obvious. Although some aluminum machining china enterprises have achieved or approached the international advanced level through independent development and innovation on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and process equipment, many enterprises are still at the production level in the 1990s due to the reasons of system, mechanism, capital and technology Technical transformation is weak. Therefore, the current equipment is backward or not matched, the efficiency is low, the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials is large, the comprehensive utilization rate is low, the comprehensive yield is less than 70%, the problems such as high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution have not been fundamentally solved, which greatly affects the needs of the rapid and sustainable development of China’s domestic economy. In addition, at present, the world’s aluminum machining technology is developing towards high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, short process, multiple varieties, high quality and environmental protection. Due to the insufficient capacity and strength of basic research, scientific and technological innovation and independent development, and the lack of special institutions and talents, China lacks the research and development of new technologies, processes, materials and equipment, and even has new technologies, processes and equipment abroad New materials and preparation technologies and domestic self-developed achievements are also difficult to popularize and apply, and the actual industrialization has greatly restricted the modern development of China’s aluminum and aluminum machining industry.