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RuneScape - If the item's cost is trending downward

  • 20 янв.
    Ie sold my bgs before it crashed and OSRS gold sank to 8 miles, sold my fury before it crashed, then bought one for 13 mil . Then auctioned it off for 14.5 mil. The claws were purchased, lent for 1 mil , then was sold. Since arms and weapons tend to be in a constant spiral downwards, it's good to keep things in check like that.

    I'm not able flip barrows or any weapon or armour piece for this matter with ease. Tips? I'm willing to pay for almost anything that someone is trying to sell at a rapid pace and turn a profit on it. In my case, the fury example. I also earned 150k from a person rush selling his whip at 1 million recently. stuff like that.

    My flipping times are based on the item's trend. If its going up, ill max buy at the current price (how do i calculate max and min prices will be discussed below) before selling them at their highest price after the transaction is completed. Sometimes, i buy/sell them for 1gp more than min/max based what the profits margin is as well as how fast i can tell them to purchase or sell.

    If the item's cost is trending downward, I'll buy the item at a minimum price and immediately sell it at the maximum price and still buy at the minimum. The reason I do this is because if I keep waiting for the 10 mins or so to buy the maximum price for the item which is going downwards, my max can be reduced in the time.

    Now , how do I find the "true" maximum and minimum. I purchase 10 of an item at far more than what it is worth and then sell it at a price lower than what it actually costs. The program will pay me back if I purchase significantly more. Then it will let me know the amount it bought for. If I sell my house for under, it will pay me more than i requested, as buy OSRS GP that's the minimum price currently available.